Ronda Rousey Shoved Into Her SUV After Returning From Australia

Ronda Rousey lost to Holly Holm in a knockout match at UFC 193 on Saturday in Australia in the 135 pound category. On her return to Los Angeles, she covered her face with a pillow as she left the airport with a bunch of media people at her back as she was huddled into her black SUV. During the KO Rousey had her lips split into half and she was rushed to the hospital informed UFC president Dana White. Rousey will be on medical suspension for six months though she can return to the rings once the doctors clear.

Ronda Rousey’s coach Justin Flores said that the loss is still fresh in his mind. It was a one off day, he told MMAjunkie. Since the loss to Holly Holm, Rousey has been under fire from fans and media. All her accomplishments have become worthless, and this one loss seems to reign supreme despite being a UFC titleholder and Strikeforce. Flores is coaching Rousey since 11, and he says that all the media acquisitions are undermining her achievements. He stated that everyone knows that she is a talented athlete, and that was simply not her day.

He affirmed that he would help Rousey in all possible way. The performance was not to her standards he informed. Since the defeat, Flores watched the match more than 50 times and felt that there are a lot of factors that got the final result. Applauding Holly on her efforts, Flores also added that Rousey had a busy season with three fights in nine months. She also had to travel to Australia and Brazil to promote her fights at UFCs.