It’s Time For Johnny Manziel To Prove

Johnny Manziel has got his opportunity to prove his worth in Cleveland Browns. The match played by him against Pittsburgh Steelers clearly showed the progress made by him and it is the right time to give an opportunity in order to prove his talent, stated the team coach. Manziel will be appointed as the starting quarterback for the team in the remaining season. The coach also added that it is time to see the results of the investment that is made on Manziel, and this will show the capability of the player very clearly.

So, the message is very clear i.e. Manziel has to prove his worth to the coach and other team authorities through the opportunity that has been offered to him now. Many people might think that Josh McCown is the better choice when compared to Manziel. But the fact is Cleveland is now 2 – 8, and the possibility of the team qualifying for the further rounds is very low. So it will be a good idea to give rest to the veteran player and then test the new players like Manziel who are waiting to show their talent. This will increase the team’s opportunity to choose better players in the upcoming matches when such matches are used as a test for them.

This chance is offered to Manziel mainly due to the performance against the Steelers where he recorded his career high of 372 yards with just a single touchdown, and he completed the 73.3% of his passes too in a successful manner. This player is 22 years old and has got only five career starts. At the same time, McCown has got a rib injury, and in this scenario, the above-mentioned decision is very apt. A very important point that hinders the selection of Manziel is his maturity level and discipline in the ground as it is creating unnecessary troubles to the team in certain cases that is not a very good sign.

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