Homeowner Pest Prevention Tips

Homeowner Pest Prevention Tips | The Bug Man

TERMITE CONTROL: Answers for Homeowners

Did you know that there are many things that YOU, the homeowner can do to help prevent pests from getting into your home?Pest Control

Indoor Tips:

Keep air conditioning filters clean. Dirty filters can lead to moisture build-up, which is a magnet for pests.

Check for plumbing leaks and seal gaps around pipes. Do this everywhere, but especially behind cabinetry. Water shouldn’t be allowed to accumulate anywhere in or around your home.

Check grout around bathtubs and toilets. A good caulk seal assures that even the smallest insects can’t enter.

Clear your attic of clutter. Clearing out clutter and sealing cardboard boxes prevents insects from nesting inside.

Store food in tightly sealed containers or in the refrigerator. This cuts off potential food sources for pests.

Don’t leave pet food or water out overnight. This eliminates a possible food source during a time period when pest activity increases.Outdoor Tips:

Outside doors must be well sealed. If light can be seen from around or under a door, then insects can gain access inside your home.

Repair torn screens. Screens are a prime entry point for pests.

Seal around soffits and gable vents. This keeps rodents and insects from getting inside the roof or attic space.

Seal around conduits and piping where it enters the structure. Many insects and rodents follow power lines or climb conduits and pipes to get inside your home.

Check gutter drains to ensure water is kept away from your home. This helps discourage moisture build-up adjacent to your home.

Remove excess leaves from the roof and rain gutters. This keeps ants and other insects from breeding under the build-up.

Caulk all cracks and crevices. Check and seal under window frames and around pipes entering the side of the home to keep insects from entering.

Keep trash cans clean and lids sealed. This keeps ants, roaches and flies from feeding and breeding in the trash.

Keep the garage door closed and make sure weather stripping is in good condition.

Prune excess vegetation touching the home. Pay special attention to eaves and the roof.Termite Control

Remove wood debris and keep woodpiles away from your home’s foundation. This helps prevent rodent nesting or insect colonization next to your home.

Ensure your irrigation system is functioning properly. Make sure water doesn’t accumulate near the foundation or sprays onto your home.

Guide air conditioner drip line away from the foundation. Extend the piping at least 2 feet.4
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