ISIS Propaganda Video Puts NYC On High Alert

An attack similar to the Paris attack last week is targeted at in New York; this is the contents of the Islamic State video. This propaganda video threatens an attack on the New York City, informs officials on Thursday. Though the legitimacy of the video is not verified and the officials have not received any threats in this regard. In the video, there were suicide bombers equipping for the attacked and street scenes were also depicted that includes Times Square and Herald Square. The United States has always been the top target for the Islamic States and attacks have happened in the past as well.

The Islamic State has claimed accountability for the massacre that happened in Paris last week killing 129 people and since then US cities were placed on high alert. The video is not completely new but yet make the message clear that New York City is a potential target informs NYPD press statement. It furthered that though there are no threats, the city will be put on high alert and the NYPD will work in close coordination with the Joint Terrorism Task Force, FBI, and other intelligence agencies to ensure the safety of the city. As a means of caution Critical Response Command teams will also be deployed.

William Bratton, New York Police Commissioner, said that it is an old ISIS propaganda material, and there exist no threat. He also informed that there is no information on an imminent threat, and all possible threats are being monitored. It may be noted here that ISIS released a video to attack Washington after the Paris attack.

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Gray Wolves Are No Longer Endangered

Gray wolves have been removed from the endangered list as their population in the Great Lakes and Michigan region has increased considerably. This was informed by scientists who are advocates of the cause for years. The wolf population is put at 3,700 exclusively from the regions of Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The statistics was revealed by Michigan Department of Natural Resources in the year 2014 put the population at 636 in Upper Peninsula. The first survey was conducted by scientists in the year 2013 after 23 wolves were hunted down in Upper Peninsula region. Following the order by federal Judge hunting in the region was stopped and the status of the wolves was made endangered.

Well, this is not the first time the wolves were removed from endangered list this happens on and off informs David Mech from the University of Minnesota specializing in Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservator Biology. The scientists made their point clear on removing wolves from endangered list while writing a letter to US Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewel. In response to this Mech added that when the population was under threat protection was needed, and now they are on the road to recovery he stated.

The change in status is vital to inform Mech. The funds for protecting endangered species are limited, and once the wolves are out of the list, the funds can be diverted for other species he informed. The cause of the scientist is supported by National Wildlife Federation, which is a non-profit organization. Wildlife managers play a vital role in helping protect the species informs Jason Dinsmore of the Federation.

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Learner’s Permit Driver Crashes, 2 Killed

In an unfortunate incident, mother and sibling were killed in an accident when a minor girl with learner’s license crashes her car at the Interstate 80. Sabrina Watkins (39) and Nataija Watkins (11) were killed in the accident. The duo was from Des Moines. The sports care GMC Envoy drifted into a ditch after the driver tried to correct a truck. The accident happened at around 12.30pm just 35 miles from Des Moines East, and informed Iowa State Patrol. The deceased Natajia was not wearing a seat belt during the crash informed Ludwig report.

The spokesperson Amanda Lewis of Des Moines Public Schools district informed that the families of the students were provided with contact numbers for counseling assistance. Sister of Natajia, Natasha Wilkins was injured in the accident, and she was not wearing a seat belt either. The driver BryNeisha Watkins (14) was admitted to the Iowa Methodist Medical Center. The condition of two survivors is still unknown. The reason for losing control is not attributed to texting according to Ludwig. The high center of gravity of the SUV is the reason for the rollover as reported by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on SUV crashes. Moreover, the weather was pleasant and no there was no rain on Tuesday.

BryNeisha had a driver’s license, and it is legal in Iowa to provide learner’s license to minors with the permission or parents or guardians. The license was given in July and is valid informed Iowa’s Motor Vehicle Division. The guardian must be a family member and over 21 years of age. As per the rules at the age of 16 the driver can qualify for intermediate license and can drive without adult supervision early hours.

Speaking on this Melissa Spiegel informed that it is important to instruct the new drivers on driving carefully and also on what to expect while operating the car. It is best to practice during daytime and when the weather is pleasant. As per rules, children below the age of 14 are instructed to wear seat belts. This can help avoid accidents and can be instrumental for safe driving informs Melissa Spiegel, spokeswomen of Iowa’s Motor Vehicle Division.

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