The Skeeter Patch your mosquito repellent

The Skeeter Patch your mosquito repellent

Skeeter Patch, our product is different from that of our competition. We use citronella and lemon eucalyptus ( approved by the CDC as an effective natural alternative to DEET). Our product is sealed in an airtight aluminum package to keep the active ingredients fresh. Some producers use plastic packaging and other materials which may effect the natural ingredient’s ability to remain fresh and effective.Visit our websitemosquito control

No skin contact needed – offering the user greater freedom and comfort
All natural containing no DEET
Non toxic so it is safe for the whole family if used as directed
Easy to put on and take off – won’t leave marks on clothing
Can be placed almost anywhere – shirts, hats, chairs,strollers, tables, bedsides and more
Easily carried in pockets and bags without leaking!
Effective for up to 12 hours–144 hrs per box
Environmentally safe
Has a natural citrus scent

Contains citronella and lemon eucalyptus oils. Lemon eucalyptus oil has been listed by the CDC as an effective alternative mosquito repellent.
Has been tested and certified by the SGS

Some may ask: is there room for one more mosquito repellent on the market? Studies suggest that the answer is, Yes! Emily Zielinski-Gutierrez from the CDC has conducted a range of studies in the attempt to encourage the public to use mosquito repellent. These studies have indirectly served as a valuable indicator of consumer behavior regarding the insect repellent issue. We now know that only 40% of the American public use insect repellent when they should. Most consumers don’t find it convenient to put repellent on claiming that they simply forget to apply it, or that they forget to take it with them. And there are people who have concerns about using DEET on their or their children’s skin. The question remains do consumers want a layer of harsh chemicals on their skin? This is a good question.

Skeeter Guard addresses these consumer concerns. It is a patch that doesn’t need to be placed on one’s skin allowing the user to move around freely without even knowing that they are using repellent. The product is compact enough to be carried in bags and pockets without leakage being a concern. Therefore issues of convenience and portability need not be a problem.

Moreover, our product is different from that of our competition. We use citronella and lemon eucalyptus ( approved by the CDC as an effective natural alternative to DEET). Our product is sealed in an airtight aluminum package to keep the active ingredients fresh. Some producers use plastic packaging and other materials which may effect the natural ingredient’s ability to remain fresh and effective.

The Skeeter Guard patch is made of a material which effectively allows the scent of the active ingredients to be released. Each patch is effective for up to 12 hours, which works out to 144 hours of insect repellant protection per box. Seeing that each patch is contained in its own protective package the end user can apply patches as necessary. That’s why when we say 144 hours of protection per box we mean 144 hours of effective active protection!

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How Does Skeeter Guard Work?

The use of natural plant extracts such as citronella and lemon eucalyptus to repel insects is nothing new. There have been claims that the practice of using naturally occurring substances to repel insects dates back to the Middle Ages. Our product is simply the combination of a trusted natural solution embedded in an easy to use patch. Skeeter Guard has proven effective at repelling mosquitoes in Asia where the problem is severe.See this website

This allows the all natural ingredients to effectively emit a lemony scent that mosquitoes and other annoying insects detest, providing the user with a protective ‘aura-like’ barrier which can repel mosquitoes for up to 12 hours. Each box offers users 144 hours of protection.

Finally an effective, all natural, and easy-to-use repellent is here. Consumers who dislike using chemicals, lotions and sprays can now use a safe all natural–more comfortable–alternative repellent. We encourage everyone to try our all natural mosquito repellent patch both outdoors and inside the home.
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