Our primary service is conducting complete estate and liquidation sales.

Our primary service is conducting complete estate and liquidation sales.

We also do estate buy-outs, consignment sales, home clean-outs, and on-line auctions.

The loss of a loved one is never easy, and many families don’t know who to turn to for help during this difficult time. And sometimes people need to downsize their property for many other personal reasons; divorce, bankruptcy, moving into assisted living or a nursing home, or moving out of state. Our specialty is selling estates on behalf of families and companies. We understand the many varied emotions our clients often experience as they deal with the process of selling the personal property of a family member, friend, or client. Let us help you manage this life event in the simplest and quickest way possible. Contact us today to arrange for a free estate analysis. estate sales san antonio

FULL SERVICE – Our complete service allows you to sit back and relax. We are fully staffed and prepared to handle every aspect of your sale. We will pull-out, clean, professionally merchandise items to stimulate buyers’ interest, and price each item, all to provide you with a trouble-free experience. We’ll bring in extra merchandising tables, cases, and racks as needed. Prior to the sale, we will thoroughly evaluate and research all items to assure they are appropriately priced to obtain top dollar.

ADVERTISING – Our company will publicize your sale to get the best possible results. We notify our established contact list of dealers and retail buyers with an email announcement of your sale. We will provide proper signage and published advertising to maximize exposure for your sale. We’ll provide pre-sale visual advertising through our website, and other affiliated websites.

STAFFING – Our company provides a complete and prepared staff to conduct a professional sale. From the sales staff to handle buyers’ questions and assist with purchases, to a cashier to control funds and record transactions, to delivery staff to handle moving larger items, to security staff to control parking, and to protect the value of your property, we provide it all. Every estate sale will have a Sale Administrator on hand to assure that all aspects of your sale are conducted properly and professionally. An appropriate staff could be from 2 to 15, depending upon the size of the estate.

DETAILS – We take care of all the details such as permitting, contacting local law enforcement with traffic concerns, handling the removal of remaining goods to your instructions, providing a detailed list of items sold after the sale. After the sale, we’ll leave your property in broom-clean condition.

COMMERCIAL LIQUIDATIONS – We also have experience dealing with commercial liquidations, and have worked with bankruptcy courts to provide liquidations for merchandise, products, and equipment. Whether your estate is residential or commercial, we can help! More about Estate Sales on this site

When an estate sale isn’t possible or preferred, we will consider making an offer to directly buy the contents. Buy-out services are offered on different levels, including buying individual or small groups of items, buying an entire estate, and providing complete home clean-out. Contact us today for a free estate analysis to see if our services will meet your needs.

Perhaps your home needs to be emptied but is filled mostly with debris and/or other items that lack resale potential. We provide a complete home clean-out service so you can prepare the property for sale or closing. Our clean-out services include emptying all rooms, attics, basements, porches, and any outbuildings. Complete debris removal including lawn debris, food goods, building materials, appliance removal, and paper shredding of personal documents. We will arrange for dumpster delivery and pick-up if needed. The home will be left in ‘broom clean’ condition, with all floors swept, mopped, and vacuumed, and all walls and counters wiped. Contact us to get a free estimate for clean-out services.

We’ll be happy to consider selling your item or items on consignment. We have several resources available, including many associations with auction houses, antiques and consignment dealers, and online auctions. We will even arrange for shipping and/or delivery of item(s). Contact us today for details on our consignment plans.

Our company can sell your items through online auction sites, such as eBay. Online auction services are fee-based and depend upon the level of service provided. Let us provide you with a free evaluation to determine the best marketing strategy for your item(s).

Our company is proud to offer these professional services. We are never satisfied until you are satisfied. We understand that your referral is our best source for new business. That’s why we believe “success cannot be measured in dollars and cents, but in your complete satisfaction”. We encourage you to compare our services to that our competitors and make an educated decision.

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