Learner’s Permit Driver Crashes, 2 Killed

In an unfortunate incident, mother and sibling were killed in an accident when a minor girl with learner’s license crashes her car at the Interstate 80. Sabrina Watkins (39) and Nataija Watkins (11) were killed in the accident. The duo was from Des Moines. The sports care GMC Envoy drifted into a ditch after the driver tried to correct a truck. The accident happened at around 12.30pm just 35 miles from Des Moines East, and informed Iowa State Patrol. The deceased Natajia was not wearing a seat belt during the crash informed Ludwig report.

The spokesperson Amanda Lewis of Des Moines Public Schools district informed that the families of the students were provided with contact numbers for counseling assistance. Sister of Natajia, Natasha Wilkins was injured in the accident, and she was not wearing a seat belt either. The driver BryNeisha Watkins (14) was admitted to the Iowa Methodist Medical Center. The condition of two survivors is still unknown. The reason for losing control is not attributed to texting according to Ludwig. The high center of gravity of the SUV is the reason for the rollover as reported by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on SUV crashes. Moreover, the weather was pleasant and no there was no rain on Tuesday.

BryNeisha had a driver’s license, and it is legal in Iowa to provide learner’s license to minors with the permission or parents or guardians. The license was given in July and is valid informed Iowa’s Motor Vehicle Division. The guardian must be a family member and over 21 years of age. As per the rules at the age of 16 the driver can qualify for intermediate license and can drive without adult supervision early hours.

Speaking on this Melissa Spiegel informed that it is important to instruct the new drivers on driving carefully and also on what to expect while operating the car. It is best to practice during daytime and when the weather is pleasant. As per rules, children below the age of 14 are instructed to wear seat belts. This can help avoid accidents and can be instrumental for safe driving informs Melissa Spiegel, spokeswomen of Iowa’s Motor Vehicle Division.

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Armed Student Missing, Washington College Classes Cancelled

The Washington College, Chestertown remains closed after the Thanksgiving break after an armed student is found missing. The Shelia Blair, the college president, informed in a statement that the college will cancel classes till Thanksgiving Break. The classes will recommence on November 30, and she informed in session with the law enforcement. The campus will be open on November 29. The FBI has been involved in the search operation to hunt for Jacob Marberger informed The Washington Post. Marberger recovered a gun and rifle at his parent’s place in Philadelphia suburbs as per reports in The Baltimore Sun.

Marberger has criminal charges on him for allegedly pointing pistol on classmates last month. He is not to be seen since Monday. Blair informed the Baltimore Sun that is seems like a troubled man. In her note, Sheila made it clear that the Washington College has been facing some difficulties over the past weeks and in this connect the classes have been canceled and will resume on November 30. The students can return to the campus on November 29 (Sunday). Sheila furthered that despite the classes being canceled it is important to stay alert for email communications from respective professors on the instructions on the progress of their courses.

Residential students have left for their home or stay at the Chestertown community and campus. She also thanked the dwellers of Chestertown for being kind enough to open the gates to the students who found refuge in their homes. The updates will be available regularly for students in the classes, the president ended.

Ronda Rousey Shoved Into Her SUV After Returning From Australia

Ronda Rousey lost to Holly Holm in a knockout match at UFC 193 on Saturday in Australia in the 135 pound category. On her return to Los Angeles, she covered her face with a pillow as she left the airport with a bunch of media people at her back as she was huddled into her black SUV. During the KO Rousey had her lips split into half and she was rushed to the hospital informed UFC president Dana White. Rousey will be on medical suspension for six months though she can return to the rings once the doctors clear.

Ronda Rousey’s coach Justin Flores said that the loss is still fresh in his mind. It was a one off day, he told MMAjunkie. Since the loss to Holly Holm, Rousey has been under fire from fans and media. All her accomplishments have become worthless, and this one loss seems to reign supreme despite being a UFC titleholder and Strikeforce. Flores is coaching Rousey since 11, and he says that all the media acquisitions are undermining her achievements. He stated that everyone knows that she is a talented athlete, and that was simply not her day.

He affirmed that he would help Rousey in all possible way. The performance was not to her standards he informed. Since the defeat, Flores watched the match more than 50 times and felt that there are a lot of factors that got the final result. Applauding Holly on her efforts, Flores also added that Rousey had a busy season with three fights in nine months. She also had to travel to Australia and Brazil to promote her fights at UFCs.