What Might Be Jeff Gordon’s Fan’s Choice For 2016

After the race at Homestead-Miami Speedway, it is a very tough time for Jeff’s fans as it is the last time he is driving for the Sprint Cup Series car. He had a fantastic career for 23 years, and now it is a very difficult time for his fans to decide who they are going to cheer and follow from now on. In fact, Jeff has a generation of fans. Many fans feel that they are now at a crossroad, and it is not easy to decide the direction as they have been following Jeff for decades.

Around 94 individual interviews were conducted in person with the various fans of Jeff and most of them answered that they are not sure about what they are going to do in the future when it comes to choosing their new icon. They also added that it is not easy to replace their four-time champion. In fact around 44 % of the fans were not having any other player in their mind who can replace their favorite. So, the place will be void in their heart. Some fans are searching for a young driver, who might take the place of Jeff so that the next season will be interesting to watch. But it is not easy to get the attention of the Jeff’s fans so easily as their expectation levels are very high.

In fact, many people openly accept that it is impossible to replace Jeff as he is the best. In fact, the success and the personality of Jeff are the two prime reasons that attracted many new fans for racing. The perception about NASCAR was totally changed with the advent of Jeff in the sport. In fact, it became a national power. With his retirement, many of his fans lack direction. Chase Elliott is the person who is having the bright chances to replace Jeff in car number 24.

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